Portland Meadows has had the most amazing reboot that I’ve ever seen. They’ve gone from a dowdy mess of a website that insinuated bad carpets and track types hunched over the bar with nicotine fingers, to a new campaign that recalls the glory days of racing. The Secretariat and Man O’ War days when little boys in newsboy caps lurked at the track until they became figures in a racing fairy tale, when superstar horses captured the nation’s attention, when women weren’t supposed to bet on the ponies, when people said things like, “bet on ponies”.

The billboard below was the first thing to catch my attention. What great placement. A little random and a complete visual surprise. Every time I see a new piece it feels like a treat. If only all advertising was this pleasant to look at. The creative outfit of Portland company OMFGCO were the masterminds behind these gems and while they always do great work, this was truly inspirational. Best rebrand of 2012.