I got a treat in the mail the other day. Roxy’s first ever holiday catalog showed up in the mailbox and it’s full of my writing. It’s nice to see your work in print, paired with color, design, and the products you’re ultimately selling. My main assignment for this project was to write a opening paragraph  that would resonate with the Roxy girl and introduce the concept of the “dog days of winter”: those short dark days when winter storms are thrashing through town, high winds are knocking down trees, and the true snowboarder is celebrating and hoping for a foot of fresh snow in the morning. I approached the project with a more standard story, imagining the type of girl who only tolerates summer, the girl who counts down the days to snowboard season, the girl who waxes her board in October and straps in to do 360s in her living room. Just for fun, I also wrote a mountain fairy tale, imagining how a Roxy girl (born of the ocean, a surfer at heart) might take to the mountain and embrace the way snowboarding can turn the mundane to the magical. It was a nice surprise to find the fairy tale was the one that resonated and was what was used for the final catalog. You can see the online version of the catalog here. It’s filled with boards, outerwear, accessories, and everything you need for a beautiful winter (should you be looking for that type of thing). Hope your season is off to a good start.