Rachel H Wright


Oh New Year

I rang in the new year in a little coastal town called Manzanita with some of my favorite people. It’s small and quaint and the kind of place where you see the people you were dancing with the night before during your hungover breakfast at the cafe in Nehalem. The first day of 2013 was sunny and the surf was big and messy and the clouds were out over the ocean, waiting to roll in with the afternoon.

I’m not big on resolutions, as I find myself getting less and less excited about them as the weeks roll by and the weather gets better and you can rely on sunshine instead of optimism about the upcoming year. However. I do have some goals and some hopes and I will share them here with the hope that seeing them in print will keep me honest.

I will:

Continue to put all my energy into freelance copywriting. I hope to see a surge of business with the new year and can’t wait to get started on some new projects. Keep a positive attitude. This means saying nice things, focusing on the positive rather than the negative, and being a nicer, more tolerant person in general. Keep my temper. Keep flossing. Stop buying fast fashion because it’s cheap. Buy myself a really nice pair of boots that will last forever. Paint more. Sing more. Go outside more. Dance more. Stop wearing sweatpants all day when I’m working. Make new friends. Write more fiction. And finally, never eat 711 nachos late at night again.


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