estwing-camping-hatchet_1024x1024When you write catalog copy on a regular basis, you kind of become a connoisseur of product copy. I read any product copy I come across with a critical eye, looking for brand consistency, smart turns of phrase, and clarity and creativity in the way a product is described. It’s dorky. I’m also one of those people who reads cereal boxes at the table and shampoo bottles in the shower.

With the consistent bombardment of search engine generated ads, e-commerce sites, and sidebars popping up every time you browse, it’s refreshing to find some diamonds out there. Kaufmann Mercantile is one of those diamonds. Clean, beautiful, pleasant to browse, and selling heritage products in the truest sense of the word, Kaufmann Mercantile is my go-to when I want to get immersed in the stories behind the product. I’m not sure any site does it better. The copy of each and every  product contains a mini-history lesson, telling a story that adds inherent value and makes purchase of the product a larger, more meaningful gesture. Support of artisans, participation in the heritage brand experience, pursuit of an ideal lifestyle, it’s all there.

Just look at the product page for the Estwing camping hatchet

Here’s an excerpt:

From the edge to the handle, the Estwing camping hatchet is made from a single, solid piece of hardened metal, making it virtually indestructible. The hatchet is great for calving off segments of small felled trees, trimming branches on dead fall, quickly chunking wrist-sized fuel logs, and even splitting and separating thin tinder and kindling. The bound leather grip absorbs shock.

From the compelling product description, the mini-lesson on how to split firewood, the care instructions, the century-old history of the company, and links to further firewood chopping inspiration, Kaufmann is not just selling a hatchet, but everything that comes with owning an awesome hatchet. A self-reliant lifestyle. The camping adventure that requires you to cut your own wood. You’re practically Gary Paulsen once you have one of these in your hands. They share every detail you might want to know about this hatchet, and they do it so eloquently. Kaufmann Mercantile = product copy champions.