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Awesome Office Supplies

Office Supplies

Maybe it’s a carryover from the days of lusting over Trapper Keepers and 72-color crayon sets with a built-in pencil sharpener, but is there anything more intoxicating than buying office supplies? My official office (like, when I’m not typing on the couch) is a massive table that holds my printer, document holders, my various containers for organizing pens, paintbrushes, and art supplies, and provides a little space underneath for boxes and filing folders. It’s not the best system but it’s certainly not the worst. Here’s a collection of my favorite things for keeping it professional and some items (some necessary, some totally not) that I’ve been daydreaming about adding to my home office.

1. A gorgeous table lamp from Cerno. Light is a necessity and surely being surrounded by good design results in good work. 2. Colored craft and marking tape from Japan. I don’t know what I would do with it, but the Japanese have the awesome tape market cornered. 3. I love the fine line provided by mechanical pencils but sometimes they feel kind of disposable. Canoe (based in Portland!) carries the best looking one I’ve ever seen and I bet it feels good in your hand. 4. For some reason, a to-do list is just more official on legal paper. I’ve been going through these things like crazy. 5. Another option for to-do lists and branding brainstorms, Kaufmann Mercantile brags that these Le Kraft notebooks will withstand “the hands of lumberjack”. I don’t have lumberjack hands but the notebooks sound nice and they’re refillable! 6. I’m not sure what these are called. Accordion file folders? Anyway, I just got one the other day to keep receipts, invoices, and monthly expenses neatly contained. I feel pretty good about it.

What are your favorite office must-haves?


2 Responses to “Awesome Office Supplies”

  1. Kyle

    Personally I think every home office needs a manual pencil sharpener mounted to the wall (or desk). Think back to your elementary school years, when you had to get out of your seat and walk over to the door jam where the class pencil sharpener was mounted. You then had to make the daunting decision of just where to turn the dial mounted on the front to give you that precise tip you so craved. And just maybe, when luck would strike, the container would be too full of shavings and you would get to dump all of that fine graphite and wood into the trash. Simply the best.

  2. Moss & Fog

    I found one of my favorite pens while signing a bill at The Woodsman. The restaurant stocks really fine point, vintage writers. I took one home, oops. It’s a great desk item. My other is a beautiful coffee mug or two. They’re going to sit on your desk all day long, you’d better like them!


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