QuickStudy_24HourDress_Web (2)

I’m so excited to share a project that I’ve been contributing to since the new year. It’s been in the secret zone for quite a while, but I’ve finally been given the okay to share Caitlin McCall’s new line, Quick Study. Born from the space between destinations, the concept of being a work in progress, and the joy of bridging the gaps via bicycle, Quick Study features feminine looks that can withstand a bike commute, a day at the office, a house party, a beach trip, all without changing a thing. Cut from performance-oriented fabrics and designed with intention, the entire line is versatile, comfortable and can be dressed up or down for whatever situation you find yourself in. You can also read more about the clothes here. Caitlin has big goals for inspiring more women to put on dresses and get on their bikes, a revolution I’m fully behind. This could be the moment when history tips towards skirts, heels and bike baskets instead of the terrifying spandex-clad warriors barreling through the bike lanes with extreme calf tattoos. This could be it. Anyway, this was my first naming project, which was super fun and gives me a great sense of motherly pride in seeing the line grow and progress. We’ve been refining the tagline and building up ideas around the brand, so keep your eye on www.quickstudyclothing.com for big changes and dazzling expansion in upcoming months. For now, check out these shots from the lookbook.

QuickStudy_ClassicDress-Bike_Web (2)