I’m back from ten days of road trip adventuring with Sam and Bessie, the best BMW 318 the world has ever seen. We left early in the morning on the 15th after an epic evening of golfing and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Edgefield (the two go together so well, no?) and traded off driving shifts as we headed towards the Redwoods. Adventures in Northern California included driving the windy but scenic State Route 1 from its very origins, beach walks at night, skunk sightings, quick dips in the Smith River, and surfing at a sketchy location near Fort Bragg. We then headed to civilization for a couple days, spending time in Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco with friends and family. Barbecues, adorable baby cousins,  flea markets, and tapas awaited us.

From there we shot down I-5 to spend three nights in La Jolla with Sam’s cousins where we experienced the joy of surfing in warmish water, the beauty of Balboa park, snorkeling with seals in La Jolla Cove and so many tacos. After a final morning surf at Tourmaline Beach, we headed north for two nights in Santa Barbara. Though the surf forecast was flat, we had a good time surfing a beach break with an old friend from Breckenridge and ended the evening with a rowdy country show, 7/11 nachos, and a small bonfire on the beach.

In the morning we continued north, winding up SR1 through all the gorgeousness of Big Sur to meet my parents in Monterey. We camped in the hills, ate at the best seafood restaurant ever, walked the beach at night and then I drove at the famous Laguna Seca racetrack the next day. From there we jetted up to Woodside for an annual party that some family friends throw and Sam and I slept under the stars on a trampoline (until it began raining, at which point we crawled, soaking wet, into a tent). The last day was a long, long slog of a drive back to Portland, but the light was amazing and our spirits were relatively high. I came home with a new love for California, plans for upcoming surf adventures, a damp and stinky sleeping bag, and a profound appreciation for my own bed.

BMW 318

Smith River

Fort Bragg

Balboa Park


Big Sur


Off I-5