Whether you love him or hate him (I’ll admit I’ve always leaned toward the negative side of the spectrum), this Shaun White interview by Pat Bridges is a truly compelling read. I’m not particularly interested in White and I’m definitely not interested in discussing what Shaun’s various attributes and what he has or hasn’t done for the sport. But look at this article. The layout is gorgeous. It’s so rare to find space to read on the internet. When was the last time you read an article that wasn’t mashed between ads for diet pills and teeth whitening tricks, images of the last thing you looked at on Amazon, flashing sidebars, and recommended links from sister sites? This is clean, clear white space that extends right to the edge of screen. Full bleed images so large you have to scroll through them, emphasizing the size of the tricks, the height above the pipe, how truly tight those pants are. Scroll to the bottom. That’s it. It’s above and beyond the nicest reading experience I’ve had on the internet in long time. It was like picking up a good magazine and enjoying it with a cup of coffee, no interruptions, plenty of time. This piece is a such a great reminder that the way we present our online content is just as important as the content itself. It’s so easy to get focused on getting the words and the content out there that you don’t address the whole: confusing navigation, page breaks with pop-up ads, useless SEO content, ads, and all. I’m bookmarking this article as an illustration of what reader-centric content can look like on the internet.