Rachel H Wright


Central Oregon Wanderings

I just had the best four-day adventure. We went from snowboarding on Mt. Hood with a bunch of high school kids (last day of coaching) to camping outside Bend in weather so cold that water immediately froze on your toothbrush in sharp, arching ice crystals, to hiking up and up and up to the Hager Mountain fire lookout, where there were panoramic views, bunk beds and a wood-burning stove that made the cabin hotter than a sauna. Sam and I took the Kyles with us, which means we make jokes about “two Kyles, one car” and they end up bickering like a married couple in the front seats (Well, dear, I just repacked the back, you should have told me you needed a snack before I packed it all up) while Sam and I laugh in the back. The hike was pretty brutal, I’ll admit, and the last mile of the trail was covered in snow and ice that made the whole thing precarious with a pack on, but once we got to the top and saw the views and the cabin and the cookie someone had left behind, it erased any feeling that the whole thing wasn’t worth it. Also a mated pair of bald eagles were riding the winds above the peak for hours, spinning and dropping and floating in tandem. So there was that. We enjoyed a sunset and a sunrise and card games and reading the logbook, though the highlight was throwing rocks at a rusted gas can for hours. After we hiked down the next morning, we drove over to our friend’s cabin near Crater Lake, which was tucked in the trees near snow-melt lakes filled with lazy trout. The next day we drove all the way up to Crater Lake only to find a gray pit of nothingness hidden by snow and low-hanging clouds. Which means we’ll just have to go back.

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3 Responses to “Central Oregon Wanderings”

  1. levick77

    Everyone loves reading a travellers story, if you like to document, you might be interested in TravelBug, something i have started http://travelbuguk.wordpress.com/ feel free to submit an article! its a very new concept at the moment! Thanks Jack

  2. Joseph m DeMeo

    We are going near klamath falls for two days and are going to crater lake, we should be may 14-15 then we plan on working are way to seattle on the 18th. Do you have any ideas that you think we should not miss. I should say we are on the older side so can not climb the mountains any more.
    Thanks in advance for any ideas.
    And welcome others imput.

    • rachelhisakowright

      Hi Joe,

      That sounds wonderful. I recommend checking out the Cowboy Dinner Tree. It’s a famous restaurant that serves super simple cowboy fare that’s supposed to be amazing. We wanted to go but couldn’t due to timing (it’s only open on weekends and you do need a reservation). Also, near the Hager Mountain Lookout (but without the strenuous hike) there are some really cool rock formations due to old volcanic activity. I would recommend checking out Hole in the Ground and Fort Rock as well. Enjoy your travels!


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