As much as I love it, working at home can really bring out the recluse in me. I try to keep my daily schedule mixed up and active, but there’s been many a deadline day when 5 o’clock rolls around and I realize that I haven’t left the house, haven’t pulled off the sweat pants, haven’t talked to a living soul. Creepy.

To combat this, I am part of a really wonderful group called the Copywriter Conclave of Portland. We get together at least once a month to talk business, writing, and whatever else comes up. The other writers serve as a source of inspiration, a valuable resource on everything from client relationships to work-life balance to quotes and invoicing, and a much-needed source of community in what can be a very solitary pursuit. If you’re a writer, or are seeking the services of a writer, I highly recommend checking them (us) out here. Being a part of something special has really made the whole process of going freelance a lot easier/enjoyable.

Also, we’re hosting an event next week (April 23) focusing on resume design for non-design types! Check it out here and message me if you’d like a promo code for a little discount.