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It has been a while since my last post and not for the usual lame reasons.

For one, I am now a married woman. Sam and I made it official on August 2nd. The day was all that I hoped it could be and so much more. It was the culmination of so many months of hard work, spreadsheets, and a lot of help from friends and family. At some point, I’ll share some more photos so my parents’ farm and all the DIY magic can be seen in its full glory but for now, you should know that the place was transformed and I’ve never been so overwhelmed with love (also, tears. I totally cried/sobbed/choked my way through my vows). I am so thankful to know so many wonderful people.

And two, I moved. Across the country. To the other coast. To New York City!

Sam actually moved out a few days after the wedding because he had to start training, leaving me to pack up our apartment and leaving him to find our new apartment. It was a month of upheaval, both in the physical sense and the emotional sense, and now I’m settling in, putting little roots down in Bushwick, and celebrating all the bewilderment and excitement that comes with learning a new place. It’s a time for growth in all the best ways.

All that said, I’m still happily taking on new projects–and I promise that I will not call any of my West Coast collaborators first thing in the morning.