Irony. So often misused in the English language. You might throw it out there and then start wondering if you used it in the Alanis Morisette way or the dramatic way or if it’s just sarcasm and then you end up wanting to retract the whole thing. However, I can say with authority that I experienced an ironic moment early this year. After moving from the West Coast to the East Coast for many reasons (the many amazing work opportunities being near the top of the list), I picked up a contract job that would send me right back to the West Coast not four months after moving out here.

However, the client was Apple. And you just don’t say no to an opportunity like that. It was an awesome experience overall. I can’t say a thing about it because of the top-secrete nature of the whole thing, but I did get to live in San Francisco for four months, see Pharrell perform on Earth Day, avoid a lot of NYC snow days, collaborate with a team of really talented creatives, and do a lot of really fun and exciting work. Overall it was a win but I’m so happy to be back home on the East Coast.