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Work Irony

Irony. So often misused in the English language. You might throw it out there and then start wondering if you used it in the Alanis Morisette way or the dramatic way or if it’s just sarcasm and then you end up wanting to retract the whole thing. However, I can say with authority that I experienced an ironic moment early this year. After moving from the West Coast to the East Coast for many reasons (the many amazing work opportunities being near the top of the list), I picked up a contract job that would send me right back to the West Coast not four months after moving out here.

However, the client was Apple. And you just don’t say no to an opportunity like that. It was an awesome experience overall. I can’t say a thing about it because of the top-secrete nature of the whole thing, but I did get to live in San Francisco for four months, see Pharrell perform on Earth Day, avoid a lot of NYC snow days, collaborate with a team of really talented creatives, and do a lot of really fun and exciting work. Overall it was a win but I’m so happy to be back home on the East Coast.



New York Moments

People have been asking how things have been going and they’re going pretty well. I’m settling in. I wouldn’t even begin to pretend that I’m a New Yorker or have any good sense of what I’m doing here yet. That’s part of the fun. I get lost on a pretty regular basis because cardinal directions just don’t feel the same. I have very little concept of north, south, east or west and am often convinced they are opposite.

On one particular evening, I wandered around SoHo with a box of free cookies that I picked up from the Schoolhouse Electric fall launch party. The plan was to meet friends at this weird little alley with a mysterious museum where we would see a mystery show that possibly involved a famous car and musicians from David Byrne’s label, Luaka Bop.

So, that’s what I was doing but I had this unwieldy box of cookies and every time I was faced with a choice (left, right, cross the street, whatever) I would take the opposite choice of correct. I would then walk awhile, consult my phone, discover I was moving farther away from my destination, turn around and then do the same thing all over again the next time I came to a fork in the road. After spending about half an hour honing in my destination (this should have been a seven-minute walk) I fumbled the cookie box. Beautiful pastel macarons everywhere. The best chocolate cookies scattered all over the sidewalk. Crumbs and hopes and dreams all over the ground. I walked away quickly, totally disheartened, only to discover I went the wrong way again and had to walk back by the scene of the crime. Fortunately that was my last wrong turn and I was rewarded with an amazing show in a dark alley that really highlighted what makes New York a special place and worth all the work, wrong turns and lost cookies.

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Moving and Shaking

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It has been a while since my last post and not for the usual lame reasons.

For one, I am now a married woman. Sam and I made it official on August 2nd. The day was all that I hoped it could be and so much more. It was the culmination of so many months of hard work, spreadsheets, and a lot of help from friends and family. At some point, I’ll share some more photos so my parents’ farm and all the DIY magic can be seen in its full glory but for now, you should know that the place was transformed and I’ve never been so overwhelmed with love (also, tears. I totally cried/sobbed/choked my way through my vows). I am so thankful to know so many wonderful people.

And two, I moved. Across the country. To the other coast. To New York City!

Sam actually moved out a few days after the wedding because he had to start training, leaving me to pack up our apartment and leaving him to find our new apartment. It was a month of upheaval, both in the physical sense and the emotional sense, and now I’m settling in, putting little roots down in Bushwick, and celebrating all the bewilderment and excitement that comes with learning a new place. It’s a time for growth in all the best ways.

All that said, I’m still happily taking on new projects–and I promise that I will not call any of my West Coast collaborators first thing in the morning.

Supermarket at the End of the World

quick study


If you’re not already planning on it, there is only one place you should be this Friday evening and that’s the Supermarket at the End of the World. Quick Study dresses, the photography of Shot by Shola, smooth grooves from DJ Big Booty Judy, and multimedia wizardry from Jackson Campbell Ward will fill the new (larger) home of Gladys Bikes on Alberta St.

In a nutshell: Fun! Dancing! Fashion! Photography!

If you’ve been thinking of picking up a Quick Study dress, now’s the time. The weather’s getting warmer and biking in a dress is one of life’s greatest joys.

2905 NE Alberta St.

May 2nd, 5-9 PM.

See you there!

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Copywriter Conclave of Portland


As much as I love it, working at home can really bring out the recluse in me. I try to keep my daily schedule mixed up and active, but there’s been many a deadline day when 5 o’clock rolls around and I realize that I haven’t left the house, haven’t pulled off the sweat pants, haven’t talked to a living soul. Creepy.

To combat this, I am part of a really wonderful group called the Copywriter Conclave of Portland. We get together at least once a month to talk business, writing, and whatever else comes up. The other writers serve as a source of inspiration, a valuable resource on everything from client relationships to work-life balance to quotes and invoicing, and a much-needed source of community in what can be a very solitary pursuit. If you’re a writer, or are seeking the services of a writer, I highly recommend checking them (us) out here. Being a part of something special has really made the whole process of going freelance a lot easier/enjoyable.

Also, we’re hosting an event next week (April 23) focusing on resume design for non-design types! Check it out here and message me if you’d like a promo code for a little discount.

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Central Oregon Wanderings

I just had the best four-day adventure. We went from snowboarding on Mt. Hood with a bunch of high school kids (last day of coaching) to camping outside Bend in weather so cold that water immediately froze on your toothbrush in sharp, arching ice crystals, to hiking up and up and up to the Hager Mountain fire lookout, where there were panoramic views, bunk beds and a wood-burning stove that made the cabin hotter than a sauna. Sam and I took the Kyles with us, which means we make jokes about “two Kyles, one car” and they end up bickering like a married couple in the front seats (Well, dear, I just repacked the back, you should have told me you needed a snack before I packed it all up) while Sam and I laugh in the back. The hike was pretty brutal, I’ll admit, and the last mile of the trail was covered in snow and ice that made the whole thing precarious with a pack on, but once we got to the top and saw the views and the cabin and the cookie someone had left behind, it erased any feeling that the whole thing wasn’t worth it. Also a mated pair of bald eagles were riding the winds above the peak for hours, spinning and dropping and floating in tandem. So there was that. We enjoyed a sunset and a sunrise and card games and reading the logbook, though the highlight was throwing rocks at a rusted gas can for hours. After we hiked down the next morning, we drove over to our friend’s cabin near Crater Lake, which was tucked in the trees near snow-melt lakes filled with lazy trout. The next day we drove all the way up to Crater Lake only to find a gray pit of nothingness hidden by snow and low-hanging clouds. Which means we’ll just have to go back.

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Olympics Meow

Maybe it was the atypical snow and ice storm that shut down Portland, but we finally broke down and got some rabbit ears for our TV. The result: I have been so into the winter Olympics this year. It’s been great watching the Roxy girls (Torah on the podium in pipe, Dara Howell in freeskiing), but I love it all–the figure skating, the downhill, even the cross-country ski races. As wonderful as it all is, this is now my favorite Olympic moment of 2014.

New Year, Old Resolutions

Surf 1

Happy New Year! It’s been a long time since I last posted and that’s not for lack of work, news, exciting projects or travels (coming soon). One of my resolutions for 2014 is to blog on a more regular basis. Another is to document each of my surfing sessions with a photo. See above. While I’ve definitely been skeptical about resolutions in the past, I happened to take a moment last year to blog about my goals for the new year. Let’s review and see how they turned out.

Continue to put all my energy into freelance copywriting. I hope to see a surge of business with the new year and can’t wait to get started on some new projects. Check. I did this. It worked out really well. I got to do work with fun companies like Roxy, Nau and Schoolhouse Electric (all very distinct brands doing amazing things), collaborated with some great Portland agencies, including Sasquatch Agency and Sincerely Truman, and helped build a new Portland clothing line’s brand from the ground floor up (hey, Quick Study). So yeah, I would say this was achieved.

Keep a positive attitude. This means saying nice things, focusing on the positive rather than the negative, and being a nicer, more tolerant person in general. Not sure about this one. I would like to say that I did, but it’s not really measurable, is it?

Keep my temper. All year? No. No way. What a ridiculous resolution.

Keep flossing. Yep. Still flossing 4 life.

Stop buying fast fashion because it’s cheap. Pretty much. I can recall an emergency sock purchase over the holidays that allowed me to continue walking in my platforms. But otherwise I’ve stayed away from the Forever 21s and H&Ms of the world.

Buy myself a really nice pair of boots that will last forever. This didn’t happen. My level of prosperity was not on a boot-buying level.

Paint more. Sing more. Go outside more. Dance more. Technically these are all separate resolutions but I’m including them in the same category because they are vague and non-quantifiable. I suppose I did all of these things “more” at some point.

Stop wearing sweatpants all day when I’m working. Absolutely not! I should have never made this resolution.

Make new friends. Yes!

Write more fiction. Does copy count? No. This is where the whole work/life balance thing comes in.

And finally, never eat 711 nachos late at night again. Okay. I would say I achieved this, but I did eat a late-night 711 maple bar in Santa Barbara, so I’m going to say it’s a draw.

How did you do with your 2013 resolutions? Do you have any big goals for the new year?

Copywriter Jokes

There just aren’t enough out there. Copywriting is one of those professional titles that gets a knowing nod at cocktail parties, followed by, “Soooooo, what do you do exactly?” We take our recognition where we can get it, bonus points if it’s on Huffington Post and includes a Lil’ Wayne reference. Check it out here.